..From An Anti-Christ-Turned Believer's View

What This Site Is About..

This site is created with the intention of sharing what I have researched about Christianity throughout the years without the intention of offending anyone and if I did I apologize beforehand. I think that not sharing is just plain selfish and also hold in mind that everyone deserves a right to know. I know I wouldn't like it if the truth was kept from me.

I disregarded Christianity as bullshit when I first heard of it until I decided to give it a chance to explain itself. I now call myself a Christian having researched through it myself, understanding and learning what Christianity really is about. I have posted a lot of unexpected, mind blowing statements and questions that people ask or never thought of.

I am however still learning and growing in Christianity and all opinions and statements in this website are free to be corrected or questioned themselves. The posts will be updated from time to time if there are any new information.

But the main question is to ask yourself, why do I even bother coming here? Is it to learn more about Christianity or just to make fun and find every loophole you can imagine? Blah blah blah, I heard enough of this crap? Sadly, the truth is given but will not be revealed to those with a closed mind.

The point is, if Christianity really is the true religion through the true God, what will you do once you know about it? Ignore it and continue living your life in sin as it was? Or try and be more God like (in this case not the power but the way you live your life)? If your case is the latter, living your life like you want it to be, why bother even going through all this?

Let's learn together.

 ~Faye, God's creation.